Wednesday, October 13, 2004


Where is my mix tape...

Ignore the spelling errors and just read my friend's blog. This entry's all about the disappearing art of the mix tape. Brilliant.
Posting someone else's blog does not count. Don't be a lazy fucker and give some real posts.
Your fans demand.
Brian's just a drunk and you're a lazy fuck. merry christmas.
Brian may be a drunk but it doesn't...
damn nigga you lost your thought. Fuck Jere,ia/ I am quite sure she os terroist. Go W. Big ups
Do computers in Germany have different key arrangements? Or are you such a lush that the keys are blurry?
apparently I was drunk b/c I don't even remember posting that. That must be why I overslept and was 2 hours late to work. Damn you Jim Beam, we are no longer cool.
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